Say Something Conference and Event Management

Say Something Communications offers conference and event planning services in Canada, the US and around the world.

As event management professionals, we are well connected with the meeting and events industry in Canada, the US and overseas. When we approach a venue, they usually already know us, whether that’s because we’ve worked with them in the past, or because we’re members of the same industry associations, and they often know that we have the power to bring them future business, not only your business, but the business of other clients (and prospective clients) in our care.  This allows us to negotiate contracts on your behalf with a little more in our ‘back pocket’. Unlike someone new to the conference planning game, we aren’t going in ‘hoping for the best’.  We know where to start with our negotiation, we know what the hotels, venues and suppliers need in order to make a deal work and we also know what they can and can’t negotiate on.  This all works in your favour.

As an added benefit, we can help to decipher the crazy hotel & conference centre contracts that always tend to make our clients a little nervous.  When you start seeing clauses that say you have no choice but supplier XYZ, you have to pay for extra this and extra for that and if X percentage of your room block doesn’t materialize you’ll have this attrition penalty to pay and that F&B cancellation penalty, etc…etc… — you’re going to wish you had someone who’s been around the block a time or two to help you make sense of it all.  We’ll do that for you.

We make our contacts work for you!

Many associations, businesses and conference organizing committees need help with pieces of their events and can take care of the rest of it on their own.  For example, we can negotiate the venue and /or food and beverage contracts for your event, and leave the logistics up to you, or we can help you develop a solid project plan and critical path that your team can use as a guide to planning a successful conference – and consult with you only when you need some additional help.

We’ve been planning conferences for a long time and we have a broad range of experience and expertise. Here’s a small example of some of the conference management services we offer:

  • Registration services (online, onsite, financial management of fees, etc…)
  • Conference website design and development
  • Accreditation services and liaison for high profile events
  • Project planning and management (critical path development)
  • Financial management (budget development and management)
  • Media relations (press releases, press conferences, social media)
  • Event marketing
  • Volunteer relations
  • Site selection
  • Committee management
  • Trade show and exhibition management
  • Supplier negotiation and liaison (Audio-visual, printers, entertainers, emcees, speakers, telephony, computer equipment, cyber cafes, etc..)
  • Marketing, collateral and social media
  • Program development
  • Graphic Design
  • Sponsorship / fundraising programs
  • On site delivery and implementation
  • Registration clerks, information teams
  • Housing / hotel bureau
  • Speaker solicitation, confirmation and liaison
  • Feedback, evaluation, best practices and lessons learned

We plan conferences.  No weddings and no Justin Bieber concerts (nothing against Justin Bieber). Our expertise and passion is specifically related to conference & convention management. 


Contact us today for a chat (no obligation) and we’ll show you why our services will not only relieve a lot of stress for your team, but offer a ROI that can’t be beat!