Chantel Beaupre
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I always tell people that I love the ‘thrill of the chase’ and I can’t help but  wonder if that leaves people scratching their heads. A conference organizer who loves the thrill of the chase (closing deals, negotiating the best rates for my clients, finding the diamond in the rough that you would never expect, etc…) Truth be told, I’m not just a conference organizer, it’s just that this is the only job that I could imagine where I would have the opportunities to do everything I love.

In addition to conference management, I love to travel.  I love marketing, sales, business development, graphic design, web development and the list goes on.  I also love the details, the tiny little things that make people think ‘hmmm…she really heard me’.  I like asking questions, lots of questions.

We’ve been lucky to have some great, long-term clients in our business, clients who sometimes ask us to help with things that aren’t anywhere on our list of service offerings.  We are always happy to help, and if we can do it well, we will.  If we can’t do it well, we’re quick to recommend someone in the industry who can.

We’ve figured out how to do what we love (which is a lot) but we only provide these services to our clients who are producing conferences and conventions.  So that means that our clients are really getting a one-stop shop of a well-rounded communications company (we can design conference logos, programs, signage, etc…). We can promote the conference on social media platforms, we can spearhead the sponsorship committee, we can develop the conference website and registration database, we can handle all the financial transactions, and we can do it all really well – because we’re focusing on a few clients at a time, as opposed to dozens.

In my ‘spare’ time – I travel with my partner, ride my motorcycle, play guitar, and dream up cool business ideas that I don’t have time to develop. 🙂


Melissa Cole
Chief Finance and Administration Officer (CFAO)

I am the managing partner at Say Something Communications, a full service conference management company based in Ottawa, Canada. I am a long time logistics person, and have spent most of my working life organizing various things—events, people, ideas…you name it, I have organized it!

I have several professional certifications that have helped me along the way. I am certified project manager, teacher, and six-sigma practitioner. All of these things have led me to look for opportunities to develop and mentor others as well as to impose order on chaos. I think I have found my calling in the events world! I pride myself on placing relationships above money, on infusing my decisions with compassion, and in always looking for the humanity in people and in situations.

Outside of work, I am a dedicated yogi and practice yoga several times each week. I am also a wanderer, a long time nomad.  I particularly love to combine these two passions by attending yoga retreats around the world.


Heather Cleat
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I am Heather, hear me roar!

I have worked in the conference management industry for more than 20 years, and I love it. It seems to be my calling. The problem solving, the relationship building, the organization, the negotiation, the time management, and even the stress…I thrive on all these things. The development and delivery of a successful event is very rewarding.

I am sure that my military background set me up for success. During those years, I never thought I would find something as fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, there were always more unknowns than knowns. But I am a natural puzzle solver so the chaos was a benefit. I was able to take some of those sharpened skills and transfer them into the conference management world. The barking of orders I happily left behind and now I concentrate on collaborative success.

I’m not all about conferences. I love the outdoors, hanging out at the campground, volunteering, travelling, and spending time with friends and family, especially my daughter, Anna. When I get downtime, you can normally find me helping others with anything and everything.