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Are you…


Trying to plan a business event or convention, but you’re not sure where to start?


Overwhelmed by the prospect of planning a domestic or global business conference?


Hoping to find an event organizer who feels more like part of your team than an outside contractor?


Looking to save money on your next business event?

Whether you’ve just started planning your business conference or you’re looking to add support later in the process, you’re in the right place.

Planning a corporate event isn’t the same as planning a birthday party.

Your business conference or convention has a lot of logistics:

Planning a corporate event isn’t the same as planning a birthday party.

Your business conference or convention has a lot of logistics:

Handling event

Coordinating vendors and negotiating contracts

Communicating with key stakeholders

Arranging accommodations, catering, and suppliers

Reacting to all those last-minute questions, concerns, and surprises that come up

… and you know there’s more.

On top of that, pandemic planning for conferences and conventions has become a reality. Now you need to think about the technical aspect of running a virtual event or the extra complications added by planning a hybrid in-person/virtual conference.

You already have your own job to focus on. You shouldn’t be expected to be an event management expert, too.

Your best interest is our best interest. Let us take the stress off your back and put it onto ours.

Your convention isn’t just about the numbers.
It’s about the people.

Your conference planners should feel like part of your team.

After all, your time, money, and reputation are on the line.

Your business deserves exceptionally personal and friendly service – and so do your clients.

You can trust Say Something Communications to be principled, transparent, and focused on building an ongoing relationship with your team and your customers.

“From our initial meeting when Chantel presented SSC’s Event Management proposal, throughout the planning process and the execution of each year’s Summit to post mortem reviews and discussions, we have benefitted from the highest caliber of professionalism and expertise… When unexpected issues arise, they are handled immediately with professionalism, courtesy, and urgency. SSC has become a seamless extension of the CANARIE team and we remain in constant communication with each other throughout each year’s planning process.

Chantel and her team work tirelessly to keep our schedule on track and leverage their negotiation skills to secure us the highest quality venues and services within our budget. The National Summit has been extremely successful and our attendees are always welcomed by a highly organized SSC team, who do an outstanding job of representing CANARIE to our stakeholder community. In fact, some of our attendees have been so impressed by the SSC team that they’ve hired them to help organize their own conferences.”

-Ela Yazdani
Director of Communications, CANARIE

Is your conference management team relentlessly ethical?

When you request a quote from Say Something Communications, you’re going to see a number.

That number is going to save you money.

We don’t believe in bare bones quotes that expand and inflate the price as your project goes on.

When you get a quote from us, that’s the full upfront quote. Unless the scope of your project changes (and if it does, we’ll be fully upfront about that, too), what you see is what you get.

Plus, there’s no need for you to coordinate multiple agencies for your conference planning needs. Say Something Communications is a one-stop shop that can handle your conference website, graphic design, and more.

We’re experienced negotiators.

Why is working with a team that can negotiate ironclad contracts on your behalf so important?

No one knew the world was going to go through a pandemic.

When it did, all of our clients were able to cancel their contracts without liability because we had the skills to negotiate their conference and convention contracts.

You deserve peace of mind, even when planning a conference, convention, or business meeting during a pandemic. We have the experience and tenacity you need to navigate contracts, restrictions, and policies while ensuring the time and money you’ve invested into your event is covered.

We keep our word.

Most associations and businesses we work with don’t realize the amount of ethics that go into planning your event.

Our priority is you: your needs, your best interests, and your integrity.

That’s why we don’t take kickbacks from our suppliers.

You can feel confident knowing that we’re finding the right venues, vendors, and contractors for your event – we’re in this for you.

Hiring a corporate event planner shouldn’t be an event in itself.

Every business event is different.

That’s why you won’t find a simple list or piece of event management software that meets all your needs.

You already have enough complicated things to consider when it comes to planning your next business conference.

Making the choice to make your life easier is simple:

Contact us to book your initial consultation

Review the comprehensive proposal for your event

Sit back while we make sure your event goes off without a hitch

Make your next in-person meeting, virtual event, or
hybrid conference one to remember.

The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can start saving your money, time, and sanity.

In-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences or conventions are our specialty. You won’t find us planning concerts or weddings – we specialize in the type of events that you need.

Whether you’re a non-profit organization, an association, or a business, you will benefit from our 20+ years of industry experience.

Based in Canada and experienced in organizing global conferences and conventions, Say Something Communications has the custom solution for your corporate meeting or event.